New year new machine!

New year new machine!

With corvid floating about and all the problems it has caused I have been super busy at work building various boards to help fight corvid.

So I failed my plan to create projects/videos every month, over Christmas I was given a new machine by my lovely wife <3.

She got me a Chinese 3018 CNC, my main use for it will be to mill PCB *or MCP milled circuit board, I have been working in KiCad for the past year and had a few PCBs ordered from china.

Working as an engineer and building circuit boards as a full time job its really cool to see professional PCBs I designed to show up, and to my complete surprise the even work!.

I but some times I really want to be able to just design and make a simple PCB to test an idea before I order a PCB and wait 2-3 weeks, I have done the toner transfer-Iron-acid method to make PCB’s and it works fine but I find it to be such a pain to get everything set up.

I have ordered a few upgrades for the CNC and over the next few weeks, I will be installing them.

Planed upgrades

End stops.
The case for the motherboard.
New Spindle/milling upgrade
Bearing upgrades.



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